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Dear users,
Due to technical issues at Marogen, the sanger results from 10 April are delayed. The results will be delivered sometime this afternoon, the 11th, before 20.00 at most. Apologies for the inconvenience caused.

Dear LGTC user, due to the corona measures we have changed a few procedures listed below. Please read these carefully.

-Sanger sequencing tubes are available outside room R5-20 and Bioanalyzer chips are outside room R5-22.

-For internal users, you need to book your time in the Outlook room calendars for the following instruments:
Agilent Bioanalyzer, room R-05-002
Qubit, room R-05-002
Light Scanner, room R-04-21
LightCycler, room R-04-21
If you don't have access to the room calendar, please contact the LGTC team
-For external users, to book your time please contact the LGTC team
Contact: info@lumc.nl or 071-5269500/69502

Sanger sequencing
Please deliver your Sanger Sequencing samples as usual in R4-21.
Tubes and caps are available at R5-20.

Recommended Concentration and Volume:

Total volume needed is 10ul: 5ul template_concentration + 5ul primer (FINAL primer concentration 1 pmol/ul).

Template_concentration is size related:
BAC concentration over 500ng/ul
Plasmid (over 4kb) concentration 200ng/ul
Plasmid (below 4kb) concentration 100-150ng/ul

Purified PCR product (>1.5kb): 100ng/ul
Purified PCR product (700bp ~ 1.5kb): 50-75ng/ul
Purified PCR product (300bp ~ 700bp): 25-50ng/ul
Purified PCR product less than 300bp): 10-15ng/ul

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